Sajjad Arshad
Mobile Security @Google

I hold a PhD in Cybersecurity from Northeastern University (Boston, MA) where I was working under supervision of William Robertson and Engin Kirda at Systems Security Lab (NEU SecLab). I received my BS and MS in Computer Engineering from University of Tehran and Shahid Beheshti University, respectively. Currently, I am working at Google (Mountain View, CA) as a Security Software Engineer (SWE++), where I am fighting mobile malware.

My research is concerned with improving the security of computer systems through application of secure design principles and integration of defensive techniques such as attack detection, prevention, and recovery. Some domains I am active in are conducting web security & privacy measurement, static & dynamic program analysis, binary analysis (e.g, reverse engineering, exploit development), and malware detection (e.g., Botnet, Ransomware).

Specifically, my research focuses on large-scale web security measurement, primarily using browser instrumentation and distributed crawling. I am the founder of the Crawlium (DeepCrawling), an evolutionary crawling platform based on Chrome (Chromium) browser that provides a deeper look into the ecosystem of content inclusion on the Web. I have also participated in a number of CTF competitions, and have published several "technical" writeups in PersianCats CTF repository.

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